We concentrate on what’s important. No compromises. Our hotel is compact and comfortable. What does that mean? We purposefully keep it easy and uncomplicated. This is reflected in our prices – but definitely just in that.

A hotel gym? That’d be kind of pointless here. One-of-a-kind lakes, the best bike paths, cool running routes and sprawling horse-riding trails are waiting for you outside. There’s nothing like working up a sweat in the great outdoors.

Restaurant and room service? The culinary bar is set pretty high around here. We couldn’t and wouldn’t want to compete with the local wine taverns and restaurants. Explore what the area has to offer. You’d really be missing out if you didn’t. We serve drinks and wines from specially chosen vineyards at the hotel bar. And snacks, too.

Presidential suites or deluxe rooms? No thanks. Here every guest, and every room, is created equal. Nothing extravagant, nothing excessive. Instead, our rooms are functional, stylish and comfy. Small can be luxurious, too.


Richard Zanki, Lakeside77 General Manager, is hard to describe. Or at least, his job is. Project developer and consultant, surf center co-founder, surf shop co-owner and now – hotelier.

Many people have ideas. Richard has a gift for bringing them to life. His momentum is boosted by strong business partners who are as dissatisfied with the status quo as he is. If they see a need, they act. It was with tons of dedication that Richard, together with Kiteriders boss Peter Pichler, opened the Campside77 Surf Center in 2016. Why? Because there was no place like it at the lake. A year later, the duo plus two partners took over the surf shop in Podersdorf.

And now, the hotel. Totally easy-going, contemporary accommodation. A hotel where you can on a whim check in, get a good night’s sleep and have a great breakfast. Richard knows what modern travelers are looking for – he and his family spend half the year jetting around the world.

The other half is spent on Lake Neusiedl. Born and raised in Vienna, the lake is where Zanki spent his childhood vacations. Later, he spent every weekend at the lake until he just couldn’t stand going back to the city and made Podersdorf his home base. An Aquarius, his passion for the water is practically in his blood. He has always spent his free time on the water, windsurfing and sailing. And it’s still that way today – with kitesurfing thrown into the mix, too. The more the better. But it wasn’t exactly love at first sight – Richard found out the hard way that even an Aquarius can’t learn kitesurfing on their own.


Patrick Posch, Lakeside77 Hotel Manageris with his hands-on mentality the right guy for the job. After spending eight years as a lighting technician and grip in the film industry, he is not easily phased. Patrick worked on the Oscar-winning film “The Counterfeiters” – but now his work revolves around his guests. He is in charge of organizational matters and keeping our guests happy. He also knows the best spots around the lake. Patrick even takes care of maintenance, paints walls and repairs water pipes when needed.

Patrick was born and raised in Austria’s Mürz Valley and is a true child of the sun. The problem? They don’t get much sun there. This explains his love for Lake Neusiedl and why he set up camp here, bringing with him his family, surfboard and beach umbrella. The kitesurfing bug bit him the very first time he tried it in 2006, and he just hasn’t managed to recover ever since. When he’s not in the hotel or on the water, he’s probably enjoying the sunset with his two boys by the lake. Or is out and about with his motorcycle – it doesn’t get drained so quickly.



Podersdorf has what other places can only dream of. No, not the wind – that is pretty fairly distributed across the lake. We’re also not talking about the lighthouse, the village’s lovely emblem. Well, at least not directly. Podersdorf has a lighthouse because it’s the only village located directly on the lake. We’re talking about swimming fun as far as the eye can see. The beach stretches out over 1.5 km. Home to surfers and sailors, families, bathing beauties, sunbathers and little fishies alike. Soak up the sun or catch some waves. What’ll it be?